The ABS Abacus program combines training in traditional abacus, with technology-based touch-screen application, high-speed listening training, and brainwave pattern optimization to create a unique program that helps young students achieve the super learning state by exercising both the left and right brain.

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Testimonials from Parents

"My children have been going to Abacus for almost a year. We've found my 7 year old daughter is now very comfortable with arithmetic problem-solving. Techniques learned at ABS program help her do very well at her school. My 4 year old son now has a passion for numbers. His teacher noted in his last report card he had a strong foundation in numbers, we attribute it to his preschool Abacus lessons! I highly recommend ABS program."

"My son (age 7) has been taking abacus for just over a year. In that time, I have seen great improvement in his computation abilities. We enrolled him because he was having difficulty in math and have found his math mark has improved a letter grade. The abacus method gives him the tools and strategies needed to complete his school work and to use in everyday life."

"We enrolled Lily in ABS due to the many difficulties she was having with basic calculations and the effect this was having on her achievement in Grade 2. After only 9 months in this program she can quickly & accurately do mental calculations with a series of numbers utilizing both addition and subtraction. In fact, to my delight, she stated that now she has an abacus in her brain. I really appreciate how this program provides solid strategies for calculations and gradually, transfers the work from the concrete tool of the abacus to mental imaging. This is ideal as it provides the students with a tool they can always carry with them. As an added bonus, since entering the program Lily's reading has also improved. After 6 months in the program she jumped three reading levels at once. This was a first for us. I highly recommend this program and am grateful it is available in Uxbridge."
Stefanie Cole

"I am amazed with how much my daughter (age 6) is learning. It has only been one year and she is learning three digit multiplication! I am grateful to have the ABS program in our town."

"My daughter has been taking the ABS program for a year. Now at age 6, she can add, subtract, and multiply much faster than a 3rd grader. The ABS program has also disciplined her and prepared her for the challenges of school. I think the ABS program should be introduced in every school curriculum."
Kay Motiwalla

"Sydney (grade 2) and Ella (grade 3) go to Goodwood PS. We started them in the ABS program last summer to give them a better understanding of math and with the hopes it would improve their focus. After finishing up their 1st level, we are very excited to report how much faster they are able to complete their homework most days and how their grades have improved. Especially Sydney, she went from C average to B and A's. We highly recommend the ABS program for all students."
Nicole Scott B.A.

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