Registration Policy

Registration for the upcoming season will begin tournament weekend of the CURRENT season. Existing players, that started the CURRENT season on a team, who re-register on tournament weekend, have priority.

Current players re-registering for the upcoming season must completely fill out the registration form and must submit the required payment during tournament weekend in order for their application to be valid.

(Exceptions to the payment requirements by UAH Executive order only)

Registration for players new to the league is open to township residents who have completely filled out a registration form. These registrants will be placed on a team on a first come first served basis (determined by registration date) as space permits.

New out of township players may register, but their application will not be considered until after August 1st, and then on a first come first served basis. New out of township players will only be considered if the league residency is above 90% township residents, and all in township applicants as of Aug. 1 have been placed on a team. After Aug. 1, all applicants will be placed on teams on a first come first served basis.

If the league has not met the requirement of 90% residency, out of township players with the least seniority in the league will be replaced with township residents. The out of township players can remain on the waiting list and may register the following year if they wish.

New out of township players are not guaranteed a spot in the league following the year they have played.

Goalies, due to their necessity to the game, are not subject to this policy and placement is at the discretion of the UAH executive.

Current fees, as outlined on the current year Registration Form, apply to tournament weekend registration ONLY. ALL other registrations are subject to a $50 surcharge.

NSF cheques will render your registration form invalid. An appropriate NSF charge will be levied, and your registration will become valid, and be dated accordingly, only when full payment has been received.

UAH Registration Policy
V1-2007, Updated March 2009

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