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UNG Spring/Summer 2014 Membership DirectoryUxbridge Networking Group

Together, We Prosper!

Open Up And Reach Out


We’re never short of networking opportunities in this community.  You just have to be willing to seize the opportunity and share your ideas, expertise and experiences. We are delighted to have 7 businesses joining the Uxbridge Networking Group annual membership last month.  Please read about our new members’ profile in this e-Newsletter and join us on Friday April 11th for the Uxbridge Networking Group lunch at Scrambles Restaurant at Foxbridge Golf Club from 12 noon to 1:30pm. Our guest speaker is Rory Sheehan of Positive Strategies.  The topic is Conversational Selling. This is your chance to learn what many sales professionals call, “the most powerful selling skills available today”.

So, come join us this Friday April 11th for lunch at Scrambles.  Non-Members Welcome!

For inquires, or rsvp to Annie at 905-852-6686, e-mail


Title: Guest Speaker on April 11th 2014 - Description: Rory Sheehan, B.A., B.Ed., M.B.A., of Positive Strategies

Guest Speaker: Rory Sheehan B.A., B.Ed., M.B.A.

Rory Sheehan is an educator committed to helping you succeed in all aspects of your business and personal lives.  Through his training programs and speaking engagements, Rory is touching the lives of thousands of people every year.  His entertaining and informative sessions have made Rory Sheehan an educator in high demand.


In addition to being an award winning trainer, business coach, and bestselling author, Rory has an Undergraduate Degree from the University of Toronto, a Bachelors of Education Degree from Brock University, and a Masters in Business Administration Degree from Concordia University.  


Rory Sheehan is a five times winner of the prestigious Readers’ Choice Award as “Trainer of the Year” for his success as a professional educator.


Topic: Conversational Selling

Conversational Selling teach you how to talk in the same way that your prospect is thinking.  Once your words match their thoughts, there is no resistance to what you are saying and you can then access the decision centers of their unconscious minds.  Using the powerful skills of Conversational Selling will allow you to capture the imagination of your prospect and guide your prospect in the direction of a positive buying decision. 



UNG Networking Breakfast at Scrambles

Tuesday May 13th 2014, 8:15 – 9:30am

Speaker: Tina Mucin, GM/Publisher, snapd Stouffville/Uxbridge            


UNG Networking Lunch at Scrambles

Friday June 13th 2014, 12 Noon – 1:30pm

Speaker: Rebecca Mustard, Economic Development Coordinator at the Regional Municipality of Durham


To attend any of the UNG breakfast or lunch, please rsvp Annie at 905-852-6686, or e-mail



Business Building Forum


Another great networking opportunity organized by Durham Region.

Local business leaders will come together to celebrate north Durham business, engage in networking and be inspired. Durham Region, in partnership with the townships of Brock, Scugog and Uxbridge, is hosting its third North Durham Building Business Forum to inspire entrepreneurship and rural business innovation. Local business representatives are invited to attend the forum.

You can find out more details on this event and other Durham Region activities from the attached Agriculture & Rural Affairs Newsletter.


Find out more about business & community events in the attached newsletters from the Uxbridge BIA, Durham Region, and BACD.


Saturday April 19, 2014, 8:45am – 12:30pm

Run for the Diamond at Wooden Sticks Golf Club

Fundraising event organized by The Uxbridge Hospital Auxiliary.


Saturday April 19, 2014, 10:30am – 4:30pm

Go Green Earth Day Celebration in downtown Uxbridge

Scavenger Hunt, Free green activities, eco-friendly demos, petting zoo, family fun……


Saturday April 26, 2014, 10am – 1pm

Huck Finn’s Youth Fishing Day at Elgin Pond



One Stop Spring Shopping Open House on Saturday May 3rd, 1-4pm

See details on the poster.  Contact Averie Thorn-Smith at, or Sharon Vanderven.


Spring Into Health – 21 Day Detox With Yoga

Leigha Saunders, Naturopathic Doctor, in partner with Radiant Joy Yoga present "Spring Into Health -- 21 Day Detox With Yoga".  Visit for details.  

Spring into Spring



ABS Abacus Free Activities in April 2014

Saturday April 19th, 10:30am – 4:30pm

-        Pick up your clue at ABS Abacus located at 92 Brock St. W. during the Scavenger Hunt on Go Green Earth Day Celebration organized by the Uxbridge BIA.

-        Free Green Activity: “Plant a Seed and Take It Home!”

-        Free Abacus Demo and Info Session.

Wednesday April 23rd, 6-7pm

-        Free Abacus Trial Lesson and Information Session for children age 4-11.  Register online at, or call for an appointment.

Thursday April 24th, 10am – 11am

-        Free Abacus Trial Lesson and Information Session for seniors age 60+.



Warm welcome to the 7 businesses that have joined the Uxbridge Networking Group Annual Membership in the month of March 2014:


Title: Trialspin Outdoor Sports Founding Partners - Description: Vincent Borg, Fred Seemann, and David Horyn.Trailspin Outdoor Sports  (WIN THIS SPACE WINNER)

Uxbridge’s full-service bicycle & outdoor recreation shop.

Email -, Website -


Fred Seemann, David Horyn & Vincent Borg - Founding Partners


Watch Youtube video of Fred Seeman introducing Trialspin at the Uxbridge Networking Group breakfast in March:






My name is Kevin Alexander and I started Alexander Computer Services because I am frustrated with the quality of support (or lack thereof!) people receive in the computer repair field. At my company you are getting a local, experienced professional who works to solve your specific issues while delivering peace of mind from start to finish. It is this one-on-one support and quality driven results that put Alexander Computer Services above the competition. If you have a computer issue, give me a call and see for yourself. I hope to hear from you soon."
Kevin Alexander

Alexander Computer Services

Cell - 416.629.6626

Email -

Web -




439 Feasby Road

Angela Nickle, Producer

T: 905-862-0591


AKA: a Kitchen Available.  A rentable Micro-Processing Kitchen.

Local Food.  A better taste. A better life.


Angela Nickle is the owner/operator of a small 10-acre family-operated farm located 10 minutes west of the Town of Uxbridge. In 2004, her family purchased the hobby farm, and launched the f.N. (family Nickle) Happy Farm shortly after in 2007. The main goal is to provide the local community with fresh, nutritious, sustainably-grown, chemical free food. They grow a wide variety of market garden produce – including heirloom varieties, edible flowers, and vegetables of interest to different ethnic groups – using non-chemical methods for fertilization and pest management.  They  raise free-range pasture animals (laying and meat chickens, sheep, turkeys, pigs, llamas, and others) in an integrated system where animals contribute to the farm operations (e.g. fertilizer from llama, pest control from chickens) and table. You can purchase their produce at their farm gate, through the Uxbridge Farmers Market, and through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) .  They run a CSA workshare program where CSA members pay half the share of weekly produce boxes in exchange for at least four hours a week , carrying out tasks in the market garden.

Angela’s next project involves establishing a Micro-Processing Kitchen – to be named “A.K.A. – A Kitchen Available” – in Uxbridge, Ontario. The Kitchen will be fully equipped for processing local seasonal food (e.g., drying, freezing, baking, grilling, juicing, and pressing) and will be accessible to all interested individuals and groups including food entrepreneurs, local producers, chefs, bakers, community organizations, and residents. This Kitchen project has three innovative aspects that make it stand out from other processing kitchens: 1) a focus on local seasonal food – all aspects of the Kitchen will focus on promoting local food, from sourcing produce from farms in and around Uxbridge and Durham Region to educating community members about the benefits of local food; 2) actively engaging people in local food – through educational seminars, networking, and creating a local food hub; and 3) providing educational processing support in addition to the physical space that meets all health regulations and equipment to process foods into produce for sale or home consumption.



The ladies lounge is a community focused initiative to bring more awareness to local businesses through local print, online advertising and events.



Legal services provider and Commissioner of Oaths.

T: 905-852-9442




Peggy Haupt c/o Bowen Hands to Heal works out of the Uxbridge Natural Healing Centre.  She practices Bowen Therapy, The Reconnection, Reconnective Healing, Quantum Formulas (Healers Who Share), and as well, she can teach you how to add more fruits and veggies into your daily diet, getting rid of toxins at the same time which usually results in weight loss.   She has been working with people with deeper chronic illnesses through quantum formulas.  Bowen Therapy helps people relieve their pain, digestion issues, reproduction problems, sprained ankles, knee problems, sciatica, jaw mal-alignments, frozen shoulders, back pain, allergies, etc.  Her passion for healing has also drawn her towards Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection which has resulted in some amazing and immediate healings.  The Reconnection which is only needed once in a lifetime helps people with their passion of life, evolution and direction.  Her own Reconnection has helped her evolve with greater speed and clarity.   Come and experience these unique ways of healing!



Laureen is the owner and primary instructor at Uxbridge Pilates, Uxbridge's first boutique Pilates studio. She is a Master Instructor Trainer for  STOTT PILATES and has been teaching in the fitness industry for almost 20 years. An NSCA certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Performance Taping Specialist, she has spoken at conferences and educational seminars all over the world has shared her experience and passion for Pilates with thousands of instructors. Laureen is a featured performer and associate producer of many Merrithew Health & Fitness DVDs, the associate editor of numerous teaching manuals and author of articles in several industry publications. Laureen studied Dance and Physical Education at York University in Toronto where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. 


Laureen can be reached at 416-409-2533, or e-mail





LinkedInOnline Internet Professional and Business Network LinkedIn

The “Uxbridge Networking Group” on LinkedIn is now open to all members of the “Uxbridge Ontario” LinkedIn group to join. Feel free to participate in the discussion panel, posting events & jobs, and share your opinions. Members who have not joined the LinkedIn Network can make a request to join the “Uxbridge Networking Group” at or accept the invitations that I sent to you through LinkedIn.


Request to join the “Uxbridge Ontario” LinkedIn Group at to meet over 300 local business professionals, share your expertise and voice your opinion.   Find out the vital statics of the “Uxbridge Ontario” Linked Group at .



If you would like to explore LinkedIn features on their own, visit the LinkedIn Learning Centre at .


If you have any questions in regards the use of LinkedIn, please bring up questions during the Q&A period at any of our Uxbridge Networking Group meetings.“Like” us on the Facebook Uxbridge & Area Networking Group Page at  .



YouTube_logo_standard_white.pngView videos of Uxbridge Networking Group activities at Uxbridge Online Youtube Channel at .




Annual membership fee is due each year on the month that you join the Networking Group, except for members who join in March or September, their membership fees are due in February and August, respectively. This will ensure that the Networking Group brochure (publish in March and in September) has the most current memberships listing.  


Membership Includes:

- receive monthly Networking e-Newsletter.

- membership listing on the bi-annual Networking Magazine (publish in March and September each year).

- business listing on the Uxbridge Networking Group website at .

- being promoted on the Uxbridge Networking Group Facebook Page at , and on the Uxbridge Online Youtube Channel at .

- name being listed under “Uxbridge Networking Group Members” on the Uxbridge Online Business Directory at (extra listings under alphabetical order and category are available for purchase through Uxbridge On-Line Inc.) .

- participate in monthly breakfast and luncheon meetings.

- participate at the Uxbridge Networking Group booth at the Uxbridge Fall Fair to promote their product and services.

- being invited to join the internet online Professional & Business Network LinkedIn Group: “Uxbridge Ontario” and it’s sub-group “Uxbridge Networking Group” .


Membership Fee:

$85+HST for the first year. For members who attend less than 6 Networking Group functions (including participations in meetings/events/advertising) in a year, renewal rate would be increased from $85 to $125+HST a year.  


Introductory Meetings for Potential New Members:

Entrepreneurs and business owners are welcome to join us for a maximum of two introductory Networking Group meetings (breakfast and luncheon). After such, they can decide whether to join the Uxbridge Networking Group as a member, or pay $8 per meeting on top the cost of their meal. Without officially joining as members, they will not have the privileges as stated in the Networking Group membership other than participating at the networking meetings.




Annie Hardock, B. Math

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Founder & Chair, Uxbridge & Area Networking Group


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Owner & Operator, Uxbridge On-Line Inc.


YouTube Channel:

905-852-6686; 416-529-6686


 Co-owner, Abacus Uxbridge Inc. O/A ABS Abacus Brain Study

92 Brock St. W., Uxbridge



Twitter: @AbacusUxbridge


Join the “Uxbridge Ontario” LinkedIn Group NOW at to meet over 300 local business professionals.