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Uxbridge Networking Group Breakfast
Tuesday January 13th 8:15-9:30am
Scrambles at Foxbridge Golf Club

Annie Hardock, Founder & Chair of the Uxbridge Networking Group, will lead the group to explore opportunities that will help members to reach for their goals.
New Members Welcome! rsvp Annie at 905-852-6686, or e-mail networkinggroup@uxbridge.com.

Uxbridge Networking Group Lunch

Friday February 13th 12 noon-1:30pm
Scrambles at Foxbridge Golf Club

Speaker: Roger Prince
Topic: 100 Men Who Care Uxbridge
Following the same blueprint of 100 Women Who Care, Roger Prince, founder of 100 Men Who Care Uxbridge, will be launching an inaugural meeting for 100MWC on January 14th  2015, 7:30pm at Mill Run Golf Club. At the UNG lunch on  February 13th, Mr. Prince will speak about how 100MWC makes an impact on the first chosen charity organization to receive donations from 100MWC members at their first meeting in January.
For more information about 100MWC, visit the website at www.100menuxbridge.com.

Uxbridge Networking Group Membership

Membership Includes:

- Receive monthly UNG e-Newsletter.

- Membership listing on the bi-annual Networking Magazine (publish in March and September).

- Business listing on the UNG website at www.uxbridgenetworkinggroup.com,

- Being promoted on social media.

- Participate in monthly breakfast and luncheon meetings from September to June.

- Participate at the Uxbridge Networking Group booth at the Uxbridge Fall Fair to promote their product and services.

Membership Fee:$85+HST for the first year. For members who participate less than 6 Networking Group functions (including participations in meetings/events/advertising) in a year, renewal rate would be increased to $125. Annual membership fee is due each year on the month that you join the Networking Group, except for members who join in March or September, their membership fees are due in February and August, respectively. This will ensure that the Networking Group magazine (publish in March and in September) has the most current memberships listing.  

Thanks to Uxbridge Networking Group Sponsors
Uxbridge Networking Magazine
We have started the planning for the publication of 2015 Spring/Summer Networking Magazine. This will be the 7th issue of the bi-annual magazine since it was published in 2012.
For all Uxbridge Networking Group members, please confirm your online business listing on the website at  www.uxbridgenetworkinggroup.com, as your listing will be published in the Membership Directory of the magazine.  Outstanding annual UNG membership fees must be paid by February 27th for business listing to be included in the Membership Directory.
Pricing for members and non-members are available for 1/8 page, 1/4 page and half page ads.  Please contact Annie at 905-852-6686, or e-mail networkinggroup@uxbridge.com to reserve your advertising spot.  You can also signup at one of the UNG meetings on January 13th and February 13th. The magazine will be ready for distribution on March 23rd 2015.

Media Coverage of UNG Christmas Lunch
at Studio on the Hill
Thanks to UNG corporate sponsor, snapd Stouffville/Uxbridge for the coverage of UNG Christmas lunch in the January issue of snapd.  We had an amazing time with our hosts Lori de Grace, and Natalie Emer of Studio on the Hill. The tasty meals and desserts were being catered by Mary's Country Kitchen. Watch event videos on UNG Facebook page with music entertained by Kathy Normandeau.  For more photos of the event, please visit UNG Faccebook page, and snapd event page at  http://snapd.at/eezjvb 


Tania Vernon of H&A Bookkeeping
Providing bookkeeping services weekly, monthly or on as needed basis to small business in Durham and York Regions.
Tel.: 288-231-0838
E-Mail: tania@handabookkeeping.com


Students at Uxbridge Secondary School is presenting the play "Pride and Prejudice" at USS from January 13th until January 17th. All shows start at 7:00PM. Tickets are $10 and are available at the door.  Watch the Youtube Trailer  Pride and Prejudice


Annie Hardock, B. Math

Founder & Chair, 

Uxbridge & Area Networking Group

Website: www.uxbridgenetworkinggroup.com

Facebook Page:www.facebook.com/uxbridge.networking

LinkedIn Profile:


LinkedIn Group: www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2711108

Owner & Operator, Uxbridge On-Line Inc.

Website: www.uxbridge.com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/uxbridgeonline

Tel.: 905-852-6686

Co-owner, Abacus Uxbridge Inc. 

O/A ABS Abacus Brain Study

92 Brock St. W., 

Uxbridge ON L9P 1P4

Tel.: 905-852-6677

Website: http://www.AbacusUxbridge.com

Twitter: @AbacusUxbridge