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"Uxbridge Ontario" LinkedIn Group
Calls for All Local Business Professionals

Join the UXBRIDGE ONTARIO LinkedIn Group and meet over 400 local professionals.
Take a look at the vital statistics on the latest activity, growth, and demographics
of the "Uxbridge Ontario" LinkedIn Group.

Health & Wellness Professionals The Desire to Live Well...
is why many people are drawn to small town living, so it's no wonder Uxbridge, Ontario is home to a host of Health and Wellness Professionals who aim to help you enjoy life to its fullest.

Uxbridge Upcoming Events
To advertise your business or 2018 Events on www.uxbridge.com website, please contact Annie Hardock of Uxbridge On-Line Inc.
E-mail: online@uxbridge.com; or Tel.: 905-852-6686
2018 Uxbridge Fall Fair
Uxbridge Networking Group Logo Uxbridge Networking Breakfast
Tuesday, September 11th 2018
8:15 - 9:30am
Scrambles, Foxbridge Golf Club

New members welcome!
RSVP Annie Hardock for an introductory meeting.
E-Mail: networkinggroup@uxbridge.com
Tel.: 905-852-6686

Visit the UNG booth inside the Red Barn in Elgin Park at the Uxbridge Fall Fair.
Pickup a copy of the Networking magazine for a chance to win free draw prizes sponsored by UNG members.

A Unique Method of Mental Math Training
Visit the ABS Abacus booth at the following community events:

September 5th 6:30-8:00pm
Uxbridge Registration Fair
Uxbridge Community Centre at the arena

September 7, 8, 9, 2018
Uxbridge Fall Fair
(ABS booth inside the Red Barn at Elgin Park)

Ongoing Programs. Join Anytime.
Pre-School Program
(Age 4 - 5)

1 hour per week
School Age Program
(Age 6 - 11)

1.5 hour per week
Brain Stimulation Training

for Seniors
(Age 60+)
1 hour per week

Register Online at


or call for an appointment

Video of The Abacus Story on CBC TV News
"Strengthening the Brain Power" - Fairchild TV Timeline Magazine
Includes interview of Uxbridge seniors, ABS teachers and a Neurologist (in English)

ABS Abacus Brain Study
Contact: Annie Hardock, B. Math
92 Brock Street W., Uxbridge

tel.: 905-852-6677, e-mail abacus@uxbridge.com
website: www.AbacusUxbridge.com    


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[A Journey to the Past] [Uxbridge - The Present] [Uxbridge - The Future]
 [ A Journey to the Past ] unfolds the unique historical past of Uxbridge Township where the well known Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery once lived (1911-1926). A wealth of township history, heritage and genealogy information is provided by the Uxbridge Historical Centre (former Uxbridge-Scott Museum).  [ Uxbridge - The Present ] A picturesque town where many of the outdoor scenes from movies and TV series were filmed, including the popular Canadian TV series "Road to Avonlea".
Explore "Uxbridge - The Present" to discover the businesses, organizations and activities that form this vibrant rural community.
Uxbridge - The Future
With a Vision You can See
Through the Heart
of your Future Dreams
With a Will You can Weave
Through the Soul
of a Tangled Web
-- Annie Hardock --

What the Mind can Conceive
and the Heart can Believe
We can Achieve!
-- William Belsey --

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